ABout us

Breaking Boundaries, Creating Futures



At ISWARD, we're more than just a company; we're innovators at the forefront of outdoor robotics. Our mission is to transform the maintenance of domestic and public green spaces both domestically and internationally. Our flagship product, the Smart Lawn Mowing Robot, is a testament to our commitment to technological excellence and innovation.

As a technology-driven company, our core lies in pioneering engineering solutions that make comprehensive intelligent maintenance of outdoor spaces not just a vision, but a reality. We spare no expense or effort in our R&D, ensuring that our Smart Lawn Mowing Robots are not only more reliable, intelligent, and user-friendly than existing market options, but also a step ahead in redefining the outdoor service robot sector.


Innovating for a Sustainable Outdoor Future

Our commitment to ecological balance is unwavering. We use sustainable packaging, reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging a cycle of environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, we have optimized traditional manufacturing processes, significantly lowering carbon emissions in our factories. These efforts represent our pledge to not just innovate but to do so responsibly, ensuring our products are as kind to the earth as they are effective.

Leading the Charge into the Smart Era