GreenTech Amsterdam 2023

GreenTech Amsterdam 2023

Grateful for the encounter, prospects for the future | GreenTech International Horticultural Facilities and Technologies Exhibition concludes perfectly

GreenTech's predecessor is the most famous Horti Fair Netherlands International Floriculture Trade Fair in the Netherlands. Horti Fair held its first exhibition in 1962 and was held continuously for over 50 years, unanimously acclaimed by international industry experts. On June 15, 2023, the 3-day exhibition came to a perfect close! Throughout the exhibition, from the opening to the closing, the iSward robotic lawnmower exhibition area was always crowded with people and the enthusiasm did not diminish. In just three days, iSward welcomed visits and inquiries from many industry customers. At booth 03.315 in the artificial intelligence exhibition area, iSward created an immersive indoor demonstration site. The robotic lawnmowers simulated real mowing scenarios on simulated lawns, attracting passing crowds to stop and watch.

At this exhibition, iSward brought the updated G series robotic lawnmowers and other gardening tools. The G series robotic lawnmowers made their international debut and were officially launched. This robotic lawnmower was developed according to the characteristics of overseas markets to better meet the application scenarios and habits of overseas users.

The founder of the iSward brand, the head of technology R&D, and the head of international market development all arrived at the scene to introduce and demonstrate the products to customers. Through understanding and experiencing the products firsthand, many visiting customers developed a keen interest and gained a thorough understanding of iSward's products. After onsite discussions and learning about iSward's brand, product portfolio, and business policies, many distributors reached cooperation intentions with iSward on the spot and placed product orders immediately. In the cooperation going forward, we eagerly look forward to continuously improving and optimizing our products through production and service, to better meet the demands of the European market.

This exhibition is the beginning and an opportunity for iSward to expand into international markets, allowing more overseas consumers and distributors to get to know and understand the iSward brand. In the future, iSward will continue to update and iterate its products, build streamlined services, and bring better lawn management solutions to users worldwide.

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